Flexible packaging

Flexible packaging


Very versatile packaging, allows printing on the container to eliminate the need for additional labels


  • Easy opening
  • Greater security of conservation


Ideal Lacquered and printed aluminum for portions of cheese

Aluminum in individual covers and in coil, embossed, printed, etc.         

Aluminum foils for pharmaceutical use


  • Excellent barrier against light, oxygen and humidity


Possibility of different materials: PE, PET, PP, ALU, OPA, PA, papel,

Cellophane, extruded and co-extruded.

Printable structures monofilms


  • Economizing costs
  • Good performance in machine and packaging line


Combination of two materials of different compatible films.
Printable and weldable


  • Duplex liquid packaging PET + PE
  • Obstacles to moisture, light and oxygen  
  • Resistance to low temperatures and anti-fog possibility      
  • Finish glossy, matte and metallic


Combination of up to three materials, with good printability and weldability


  • barriers to humidity, light and oxygen
  • Punching resistance
  • Rigidity in the container - great experience with sensitive products


Combination of up to four materials and high product safety


  • High barrier to humidity, light and oxygen

  • punching resistance

Material and bags

pasteurizable and sterilizable

Availability in coils, formats and also in bags, all of high resistance in thermal processes (sterilization and pasteurization).


High quality material and resistance suitable for thermal processes.

High barrier retractable bags

Possibility of printing

Excellent sealing that allows a perfect packaging of food with irregular shapes, adapting to perfection.


  • Great protection, resistant to punched and tearing
  • Unbeatable appearance, thanks to the transparency, clarity and brightness of the retractable materials.

Baking film

Baking containers that allow to enter in the oven or microwave for a fast, clean and simple cooking.


  • Integral sealing ensures fluid retention and prolongs food quality for longer time


Yogurt caps

Combination of materials that guarantee high barrier sealing.

Printability on the front of the cover and back for promotions


  • Maximum guarantee of heat sealing and easy opening

Banners of yogurt

Printing of banners with great adaptability and different possibilities of adhesion to the container


Heat sealable

100% adaptability to all types of rigid containers

Printing 360º drawings

Great benefits for marketing actions