Too much possibilities in the conservation of cheese.

Cheese packaging

Retractable multilayer bags

  • Using retractable materials extending the shelf life of ripened and semi-cooked
  • cheeses offering optimal appearance of the packaged product
  • Wide range of bags printed with high strength barrier materials

Extra-thin films for sliced cheese

  • Advanced films of ultra-thin packaging with high barriers.
  • Adhesion to the slicing trays covering the entire surface of the product.
  • Integral sealing with perfect presentation and without wrinkles.
  • Maximum brightness and transparency for a striking presentation.
  • Seal guarantee that prevents leakage for better protection of the product

Bags of co extruded film for wedge cheese

  • Perfect solution for ultra-fast packaging line
  • Improved visual appeal with flexographic printing
  • Easy opening and directional breakage properties for greater convenience when opening
  • Available with anti-fog properties and high gas barrier to allow a longer life of the product
  • Possibility of printing with decorative and functional coatings
  • Available in a wide variety of thicknesses

Thermoformed films for block cheese

  • Simple features to keep its high brightness
  • Superior properties of post-trained
  • Wide range of thermoforming treatments

Bags for grated cheese

  • Ease of opening, closing, conserving and storing, with and without zip.
  • Wide range of printing and possibility of imitation paper for differentiation of big brands
  • Provides breathability adapted to the conditions of the packaged product

Aluminum film for cheese in portions

  • Aluminum with and without printing for cheese
  • Extends the life of the packaged product by its light and humidity barrier